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Gino G. "Excellent breakdown on how it should be done"

John M. "I just bought your plans. Wish I'd seen your site before
ordering an aquarium cabinet to be built."

Emile C. "Thank you very much Rick it is much appreciated now maybe I can convince
my fiancé to put my big tank in the house instead of in the storeroom." 

"My name is Charles, and I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!"
Charles, Canada

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Build your own Aquarium Cabinet Stand and Canopy!

Join hundreds who've already SAVED $$$ with our unique DIY Aquarium Stand Plans...!!

Forget the high priced manufacturer..  Do-it-yourself with these professional woodworking plans!! 

If you're someone who can appreciate the value of a guaranteed return on the time and money you invest and you're excited by the prospect of learning how to build your own aquarium stand...

... Then I invite you to keep reading!

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Now More DIY aquarium cabinet plans added...!!
25 Gallon Plan | 65g Aquarium Cabinet and Hood Plan jpg65 Gallon Plan |55g Aquarium Stand Plan jpg90 Gallon Stand Plan | 100 Gallon Plan |100 Gallon Bowfront Cabinet | 55g Aquarium Cabinet and Hood Plan jpg 55 Gallon Plan | 180g Aquarium Cabinet and Hood Plan jpg180 Gallon Cabinet

From: Rick O'Bryan
Thursday, 10:25 a.m.

Dear fellow fish hobbyists. 

If your like me, You've searched around the internet - for professional step by step instructions you could use to build a quality DIY aquarium cabinet. One that's as strong and durable as the professional cabinets you can't afford (or don't want to pay) from an aquarium stands manufacturer.

I started with a goldfish bowl when I was 5, my first 10-gallon community tank when I was 10.  Now, ... I run my 130 gallon reef tank. I've always had at least one aquarium and loved to watch the inhabitants go about there daily activities.

They always seem to have a calming or soothing effect on me -  no matter how hard my day might have been.

Over time I've used a number of methods as stands for these tanks. Concrete blocks, milk crates, other furniture, cinder blocks - you name it! 

For the larger tanks I've owned. I gave in and bought the cheap black aquarium metal stand....but really - all it did was support the tank.  It did nothing to hide the usual mess below, dangling cords spare parts fish food etc.. No wonder my wife never wanted it in the living room!

These set-ups were always confined to the basement where they where hardly ever looked at by anyone but myself.

What I wanted ....of course, was one of those beautiful classic oak aquarium stands ..... A SHOW TANK with cabinet and hood....YES - the style the "aquarium stands manufacturer" would charge me an arm and a leg for! Talk about a Profit Margin!!

Since I refused to pay (and could not afford....) such a ridiculas price for the custom aquarium stand I wanted, I began thinking that maybe I could build something myself instead.

Like everyone that's busy.... I wanted  something that could be accomplished over a few weekends.  

Of course - their were other concerns to work out as well.

I'd like to think I'm a decent woodworker/handyman - but the truth is - I realised if I was going to build a professional, high quality cabinet for my aquarium. I needed good plans that were clear and concise. 

This cabinet had to be built properly from the start. I wanted something similar to aquarium stand blueprints...Something that could be followed step-by step.

Concerns of other things like weight ...and especially it's looks. It had to be something (when finished) that looked like it belonged in the room I was putting it.

After talking with other's wishing to build a quality DIY aquarium stand - the same concerns seemed to ring clear from everyone I talked to.

What we're REALLY all looking to do is......

  1. To Save Money .... - If this is to be a DIY project then the biggest goal should be that the end result is cheaper then buying a ready made cabinet at the local fish store.

  2. Produce a top-quality, professional cabinet something that would look as good -  or better then any "aquarium stands manufacturer" version.

  3. Follow a simple step by step process with instructions that the average person could understand. A "blueprint" if you like ....

  4. Create your ultimate show tank - One that will stand the test of time and keep looking great.

  5. Save Time - The average person doesn't have the time to deal with woodworking projects like this that won't work or end up abandoned in the garage or basement floor.

  6. Use plans that are adaptable to needs. Not a cookie cutter design your forced to deal with from the store.  You want a custom aquarium stand that suits what you need it for.

  7. Construct something your truly proud of... create an eye-catching showpiece aquarium ...something you'll want to show off to everyone and proudly say that you built it. 

  8. Create something that will last - not fall apart - Lets face it...A lot of moisture, spills etc happen around a typical aquarium.

Since I have a tendency to embark on "personal missions" that tend to get out of control...I decided that, since I couldn't find what I needed anywhere - I'd create them myself... 

I took my personal "wish list" of features, plus concerns from others and created a blueprint for the cabinet I wanted to build.

Surprised by the feedback on these initial very adaptable plans I've expanded to different sized set-ups ....

Now - with any of the DIY aquarium stand plans you'll find on this site you'll find .....

  1.  -- You can build a solid aquarium stand that will beautify any room it is in. All cabinet's will have plenty of reinforcement to ensure maximum support and stability. 

  2.  -- Simple easy to understand step by step instructions that are designed with the "do-it-yourselfer" in mind.

  3.  -- An adaptable design, easily change wood of choice, colour, dimensions, hinge types, add shelves ...etc. to match the needs and decor needed for your home.

  4.  -- A definite sense of pride - Nothing compares to the feeling of pride and satisfaction knowing you built one of these cabinets yourself. Show it off to your neighbours buddies, in-laws, etc etc ....

  5.  -- You can use these plans for future endeavours ...convert these plans to larger or smaller tank sizes. Simply recalculate the measurements to fit your particular set-up.

  6.  -- Access usually in within minutes  - No waiting for mail delivery and extra delivery costs.... All my plans are available right now online - so that you can get started without the wait. 

  7.  -- Professional Plans - Clear directions that explain the details. These plans are drawn using computer drafting software and include 3-D drawings, photographs, instructions and tips, a materials list and more. Quality drawings you can actually work from!!

  8.  -- Saved Time - The average person doesn't have the time (or the cash) to deal with projects like this that won't work or end up abandoned. Complete this stand over just a few weekends!!

  9.  -- Saved Money - Save dollars by following our detailed, step by step plans, you'll be surprised how much cheaper it is to build your own aquarium cabinet.

Within the next few minutes you can be using your copy of these aquarium stand plans ......

These are the type of blueprints the pros making commercial cabinets really would rather you don't see!!

A lot of research and time went into getting these plan's developed ...just they way I wanted - and now there yours to use!!

Below - I'm offering you these featured 100g plans -for a limited time only, at the low price of just $12.97 !! This is an introductory offer and if your just viewing now - congratulations -- as this price may not last long!! Right now is your best chance to claim your E copy.

If you're still unsure check this out.... I've added these Super Extras.. (a $54.00 value) -- Yours to keep, no matter what you decide!!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your DIY Aquarium Stand Plan.

So if you act on or before June 30th/2013 as part of this special launch celebration, I'm giving everyone who claims an Ecopy of these 100g aquarium stand plans FULL ACCESS to the following 3 Super Bonuses...

Super Bonus #1
*Aquarium hood plan included at no extra charge! - $19.95 
No aquarium set-up would be complete without a proper canopy. That's why we've included plans for your own home built aquarium canopy! The hood is used to hide the lighting fixtures and also adds quite a bit to the finished look of the whole set-up. 

Super Bonus #2
*Free paint and stain finishing guide! $9.95
The secret to any successful woodworking is the ability to finish your project correctly. We include our recommended methods for finishing your project. From sanding to final stain or paint application.

Super Bonus #3
*Lighting and wiring tips for your aquarium hood $24.95
Lighting is one of the most important issues for a successful aquarium system and usually one of the most confusing for many hobbyists. Learn what lighting is necessary for your aquarium and how you can wire your aquarium hood. 

Your 90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee:

You don't have to decide now. Instead, check out this risk-free offer.

Take 90 full days to examine and use one of my aquarium cabinet or hood plans. Once you see them I'm confident you will never want to send them back.

However - If they still don't live up to your expectations in every way - just return them for a 100%, no hassles, no questions asked, full refund!!

...I literally take ALL of the risk out of your purchase!! ....that's how much I believe you'll like these DIY aquarium stand plans.

Click the ORDER NOW button below to claim your Ecopy - begin construction of your own custom aquarium cabinet now!!!

Don't forget: To receive the 3 Super Bonuses valued at $54.00, but yours FREE, claim your Ecopy by June 30th/ 2013.

Get your Ecopy of this 100g do it yourself aquarium cabinet plan for only $12.97 now!!
... Remember, there's absolutely no risk. 
100g do it yourself aquarium cabinet plan for only $12.97 now!!
... Remember, there's absolutely no risk. 

Rick O'Bryan,
Fellow aquarium hobbyist

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view some of our PDF plans.

To download a free copy from Adobe's website, .

P.S. To claim the THREE Super Bonuses, be sure to claim your Ecopy of these 100g aquarium stand plans -- on or before June 30th/ 2013.

P.P.S. ... 5 minutes from now, you too can be on your way to building this in-demand cabinet plan yourself! 

P.P.P.S .. Now More DIY Aquarium Cabinet and Hood plans added...!!
25 Gallon Plan | 65g Aquarium Cabinet and Hood Plan jpg65 Gallon Plan | 100 Gallon Plan |90 Gallon Stand Plan 180g Aquarium Cabinet and Hood Plan jpg|100 Gallon Bowfront Cabinet | 55g Aquarium Cabinet and Hood Plan jpg 55 Gallon Plan | 180 Gallon Cabinet

The software used is the cutting edge of  technology, utilizing some of the most advanced features available on the Web today!